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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Get Scholarship for your self - NIIT's Scholarship Programme

Dear Young Friend
Searching good college for your graduation? For Diploma study?
Here is the your great chance
GNIIT - The new GNIIT programme prepares college students for a successful entry into the professional IT world by making them job-ready, the day they graduate. Students get the benefit of a dual qualification and a year's internship with the Professional PracticeTM module. The programme maximizes career opportunities by preparing students for multiple exit profiles in diverse fields of IT.
Are you first year college student?
Are you second year college student?
Did you complete 12th in 2012?

so congratulation you are eligible for NIIT's programme
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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Insure your life with lower premium - Pension plan best

Today life is very risky. Nobody knows that at the end of day we will return home or not??? Big question and always keep us stress for our family. Who will take care of family? What should be the cost of my life? How to calculate our life risk?
So many questions and not proper answer. Here we have great company who is guiding you for the your insurance scheme. There are many types of policies available in market and they have unique features. We have special team of expert who is guiding our clients for the policy.
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Searching best pension plan for your retirement, why? The infation is increasing over day to day and expenses are also increasing day by day. in this scenario we need to plan our retirement.  we are also guiding for same please get here

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